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Advantages of a Loop System

  • A loop system has a reasonable cost to install with no maintenance.
  • There is no limit as to the number of users.
  • Loop technology uses a universal standard.
  • All hearing aid T-coils work with all loop systems.
  • Listeners use hearing aids they own. Sound is optimized for their personal hearing loss and needs.
  • Improved clarity and understanding benefits businesses and individuals.

Providing an enjoyable experience for those with hearing difficulties and their friends and families will result in increased patronage.

LoopCity also offers:

  • Venue signage and customer handouts
  • Ongoing promotion of your business in partnership with Expert Hearing
  • Onsite demonstrations for staff and patrons
  • A 5 year warranty

Promote your Business

Your venue will be listed on both the LoopCity and Expert Hearing websites, and actively promoted in each Expert Hearing office. Clients will be encouraged to patronize your looped facility.

Expert Hearing sees hundreds of people per day, helping overcome the challenges associated with hearing loss. Social interaction is integral to our overall well-being, particularly cognitive health.

With a looped facility, you will be providing a place where people with hearing loss will thrive.

A Winning Combination

LoopCity has partnered with Expert Hearing Solutions to advocate and promote the use of loop systems.

Each Expert Hearing location is equipped with a loop system, where both businesses and clients can
experience first hand the benefits of loop technology.

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