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Hearing Care & Hearing Aid Services in Vancouver, Okanagan & Beyond

Expert Hearing Solutions is your trusted source for hearing aids and complete hearing care, with hearing centres in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Hearing Assessments

During your comprehensive evaluation, we will use a series of low and high frequency sounds along with different volume levels to determine your dynamic range. Words may also be used to test your ability to understand conversation. We can then discuss your degree of hearing loss, if any, and talk about the solutions available to you.

Hearing Aid Selection, Dispensing & Fitting

When it comes to hearing aids, there are a wide variety of styles, colours and technologies to choose from. Our expert staff will explore the options with you and discuss the benefits of the different types. You can even try on hearing aids to ensure comfort and proper function.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Our skilled staff is capable of completing many hearing aid repairs while you wait. In some cases, the device will need to be sent back to the manufacturer or lab. Expert Hearing Solutions will quickly diagnose the problem and determine what kind of repair is needed. We are pleased to provide in-office and warranty repairs at no charge to you. More extensive repairs may be subject to a repair charge.

Tinnitus Evaluation & Treatment

Tinnitus is a common condition characterized by a consistent ringing or buzzing in the ear. Tinnitus can range in severity and may interfere with your daily life and overall well-being. Through a comprehensive evaluation, Expert Hearing Solutions can identify the severity and discuss your available treatment options.

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Complete Hearing Care

Expert Hearing Solutions offers complete hearing care that includes:

  • Ear impressions when necessary
  • Comprehensive follow-up care
  • Hearing aid checkups
  • Musician ear plugs and in-ear monitors
  • Custom hearing protection
  • Custom electronic hearing devices for hunters and gun enthusiasts
  • Battery sales - size 10 (yellow), size 312 (brown), size 13 (orange), size 675 (blue)
  • Counselling on the use of hearing aids
  • Assistive devices for TV, telephones, etc.
  • Sound alert devices
  • Hearing aid maintenance and cleaning
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