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Ensure Proper Comfort & Fit with Custom Hearing Protection

Do you work in a high noise environment? Prolonged exposure to noise is a leading cause of hearing loss and it’s typically detected too late. The good news is that Expert Hearing Solutions can help with custom ear moulds and earplugs that offer maximum protection and a comfortable fit.

Individuals Who Should Consider Hearing Protection

  • Airline pilots
  • Musicians
  • Factory workers
  • Gun enthusiasts
  • Medical professionals
  • Anyone who works in a high noise environment

Dangerous Sounds

Many noises can be dangerous with repeat or prolonged exposure, such as:

  • Chain saws
  • Gun shots
  • Pneumatic drills
  • Motorcycles
  • Truck engines
  • Concert music

Custom Ear Moulds & Earplugs

Expert Hearing Solutions creates ear moulds in a variety of sizes and types to meet your unique needs. They can be solid or softer and generally come in full shell or half shell models. Our audiologists and hearing instrument practitioners can recommend one depending on your level of noise exposure. We can fit to the exact contour of your ear – providing superior comfort and protection. Different features are available, such as a filtered attenuator which allows for verbal communication. We can customize to your exact requirements.

Our hearing specialists have access to a range of earplugs, including specialized models that allow you to hear most of your surrounding environment. As with our ear moulds, we can custom fit to ensure comfort and protection.

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