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Hearing Aid Evaluations

How much does hearing loss impact your day-to-day life? When did you first notice hearing loss? Do you experience ringing in your ears (tinnitus) or balance problems (dizziness)? Answering these and other questions is an important part of the hearing aid evaluation from Expert Hearing Solutions. When determining if you are a viable candidate for hearing aids, we will consider your personal history and the results of your hearing test.

The hearing test is a critical component of our evaluation but we also stress the importance of the personal answers you provide about your daily life and how hearing loss impacts you. Keep in mind that referrals to ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctors are needed in some cases, but most of our clients can be helped with hearing aids.

You Have Options & We Will Help You Find the Best Fit for You

Our hearing care professionals may recommend a hearing aid for one or both ears depending on your situation. We will explain what you can and cannot hear and discuss how a hearing aid will help. You can count on Expert Hearing Solutions to provide information on the various styles, features and technology available. We give you options and offer suggestions on hearing aids to match your specific degree of hearing loss, your lifestyle and your financial circumstances.

After you select a hearing aid, we will take impressions of your ears if needed. Typically, hearing aids are ordered from a manufacturer and then programmed by our professionals. At the time of your evaluation, we can give you a good idea of when your hearing aid will be ready.

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