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Everyone Can Benefit with Hearing Tests from Vancouver to Thunder Bay

Comprehensive testing from Expert Hearing Solutions will uncover your hearing capabilities and determine the type, extent and specifics of your hearing loss. During our hearing tests in Vancouver, Okanagan, Saskatoon and Thunder Bay, our specialists will use a machine called an audiometer. The audiometer will transmit sounds to your ears, and throughout testing the acuity of your hearing will be determined. The test results will tell our audiologists what hearing aids or other equipment you may need. Our hearing tests in Vancouver and the surrounding areas are efficient and will give you the answers you’re looking for.

Common Tests

  • Speech recognition threshold test
  • Word recognition test
  • Tympanometry test

Other Testing

  • Air conduction
  • Bone conduction

Some types of hearing loss can be treated medically or through surgery. Our diagnostic hearing evaluation will determine the type you have and if hearing aids are appropriate for your needs.

Tips & Info Regarding Your Hearing Test

  • Evaluation should last about 30-40 minutes but please allow another 30 minutes to speak with our specialists and ask questions
  • If hearing aids are needed, we will discuss with you the best options for your hearing loss
  • You can bring a family member with you, to assist you as needed and to help test the volume and clarity of your hearing aid
  • Before your appointment you will be asked to fill out an Intake form, which includes a medical history to help us determine your individual needs
  • Be prepared to discuss any concerns you have regarding your exposure to noise, tinnitus and balance issues
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