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Hearing Protection for Musicians

When it comes to hearing protection, musicians have unique needs. You need to protect your hearing but you also need to be able to hear voices and instruments clearly when performing. At Expert Hearing Solutions, we are experienced working with musicians from Vancouver to Thunder Bay and can find a custom solution for you.

While conventional earplugs will provide hearing protection, they will also make a musician’s job more difficult by making instruments and voices muffled, unclear or unnatural sounding. We’ve found in most cases, musicians don’t need maximum protection but do need custom earplugs for mid to low frequency protection.

Custom Musician Earplugs

You can choose to have custom and non-custom options with your musician earplugs from Expert Hearing Solutions. Ready-fit models can reduce sound by about 20 dB, which is enough to reduce harmful sound without distorting the vocals or instrumentation. Musician earplugs are deep and seal in the bony portion of your ear canal to prevent occlusion – a hollow or boomy sound in your own voice that occurs with lower-quality models.

Not just for the music industry, musician earplugs are popular with:

  • Construction / industrial workers
  • Airline employees
  • Truck drivers
  • Concert attendees
  • Sound crews
  • Disc jockeys
  • Motorcyclists
  • Professional athletes
  • Band teachers
  • Medical professionals
  • Many others

In-Ear Musician Monitors (IEMs)

Hear your music the way the audience is hearing it and protect your ears in the process with in-ear musician monitors (IEMs). The standard for people who perform in front of large crowds, IEMs are typically custom moulded to provide a superior fit. There are universal IEMs available that come with an interchangeable tip to mimic a custom fit.

The skilled hearing specialists at Expert Hearing Solutions understand the importance of a good fit and will take special care in completing the ear impression for your custom earplugs or IEMs. You can rest assured that only quality materials will be used to ensure superior sound quality and comfort.

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