Did you know? Expert Hearing offers FREE trials of hearing aids over the holidays. What better time to test out the latest technology and hear better during all of the festivities?!

Large gatherings are a big part of the holidays. Here are some tips to get your fill of all festivities this season with your new trial pair of hearing aids! 

1. When you first receive your trial pair of hearing aids, wear them for most of the day in preparation for longer days ahead with friends and family.

2. Use first in quiet situations, then in one-on-one conversations at home.

3. Listen to the radio or TV – start by listening to commentators, as they tend to speak more clearly. Then continue with other programs.

4. Use them in noisier environments such as near a busy road and at your local supermarket. This will be great practice for louder holiday parties and meals with many conversations occurring at the dinner table.

Contact an Expert Hearing Solutions location near you. No obligation, no deposit and if you choose to purchase the hearing aids, we offer HUGE savings. Happier Holidays with Better Hearing!!

December 12, 2019 Uncategorized
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