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    Expert Hearing Solutions is a full-service hearing aid and hearing centre. We pride ourselves on helping our clients who may be experiencing tinnitus, muffled hearing, or possible hearing loss.

    A hearing test can:

    • discover the hearing capacity of both ears
    • determine the sounds and volumes you can hear without difficulty or aids
    • set a baseline for future changes
    • proactively correct and prevent hearing loss while revitalizing your overall well-being!

    Our hearing tests are performed by hearing care professionals so you know you’re getting the best advice available.

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    Also, you receive AIR MILES® Reward Miles — 25 Miles upon completing your free hearing test* (no referral required) and up to 1000 Miles with your hearing aid purchase.***

    A *comprehensive hearing assessment is provided to adults ages 19 and older at no cost. The results of this assessment will be communicated verbally to you. If you request a copy of the Audiological Report, an administrative fee will apply. Child hearing tests are conducted at select locations for a fee, please contact us for more information. Not applicable for industrial hearing tests. Offer valid for private sales of select hearing aid models and accessories and cannot be combined with more than 1 partner or promotion. Offer expires 12/31/2022. Appointment and purchase must be completed prior to or on that date to qualify for the offer. Some conditions apply, see clinic for details. **Conditions apply. Financing options available for adults 19 and older. Financing options are as a function of the customers’ credit history. The interest rates are a function for the loan term period. Ask your clinician for more information. ***AIR MILES available only at participating locations. ®™Reward Miles value is non-transferable and is based on select models purchased. Offers not applicable in Quebec.