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Our hearing experts are always eager to head out into the community to educate others on the importance of hearing health. Lavina Rodrigues, our amazing registered audiologist from Expert Hearing Solutions in Ladner was recently invited by the Delta Stroke Recovery Branch to speak at an event held at the Tssawassen United Church.

Her mission was to inform the guests on hearing and hearing loss as it relates to the Stroke Recovery Process.  She did a wonderful job, even getting praise from a long time marketing professional who said this was the best presentation he had ever seen. We had no doubt that Lavina would nail this and give everyone clear, valuable information.

The talk was followed by a Q & A session where Lavina invited everyone to ask anything that was on their minds.  She took the time to answer each one thoroughly so no one went home with unanswered questions.  The library was also used afterward, with our rockstar office assistant Shelley Kellner joining Lavina, for even more one on one discussions with the guests.

The discussions covered many topics such as:

  1. Hearing mechanism
  2. Hearing loss and its effects
  3. Relation of hearing loss to Stroke recovery
  4. Methods of improving hearing health


Lavina even covered “Tips to improving hearing health with Stroke” and offered advice on the following:

  •  Wax Removal (regular checks)
  •  Managing ear infections
  •  Hearing amplification
  •  Hearing aid wear
  •  Regular hearing checkups


  •  Improving the signal coming to the brain by the following:
    • Improving  Room acoustics – avoiding rooms with lots of reverberation, higher ceilings etc. better sound absorption
    • Reducing background noise
    • Caregivers and family should slow down the rate of speaking
    • Improving visuals – better lighting and facing the person when they speak

Many thanks to Dawn Sillett and Susan McAlpine for organizing the talk for the Delta Stroke Recovery Society and giving us the opportunity to share our expertise on healthy hearing. We look forward to many more community events just like this one!

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