What to Expect at your First Appointment with an Audiologist

We’re proud of you for taking that first step in getting help with any hearing concerns and you should be too.  We know it can be a decision full of anxiety and worry with a dash of denial.  However, letting time go on doesn’t do anyone any good and could lead to bigger problems.  Your family and friends, and most of all, you, will be grateful for the decision to visit us at Expert Hearing Solutions.

Procedures may vary in our clinics depending on what province they’re located, but we want to give you an overall idea of what to expect when you visit an audiology clinic.


We’ll ask you to fill out forms

Just like a dentist, chiropractor or any other medical appointments, we are curious about your past and current medical condition. Expert Hearing Solutions’ professionals are not only trained to assess hearing but can also determine if your hearing concerns are due to an underlying medical condition or medication. We will refer you to an appropriate medical professional if needed.


What will we ask about?


Your Medical history – Several medical conditions may seem irrelevant as they don’t seem related to your ears.  However, many illnesses and the treatments to treat those illnesses may cause hearing loss.  Answering these questions will help our team identify potential causes of your hearing loss.


Medications You’re Taking (including prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, and herbal supplements) — There are hundreds of drugs and even supplements that can cause hearing loss. By answering these questions, our audiology professionals can rule out any potential causes.


Hearing symptoms and history – Our clinicians will want to hear all about your past ear-related concerns.  Ringing in your ears? Buzzing? Pain? A sudden hearing loss?  A history of ear infections or injuries?  Tell us everything. We also want to know if you have concerns about work, conversations on the phone, understanding words clearly or participating in social environments.


Bring important forms with you to your audiology appointment

The forms we previously mentioned will tell your hearing professional much of the information needed for your appointment. If you are on medication and cannot remember the names, it may be helpful to bring a list.  Remember to bring any insurance forms that you may need our staff to sign. We can also help check your benefits and determine your eligibility/coverage.


We will look inside your ears

The audiologist will start by looking into your ears with an otoscope.  This handheld instrument allows us to see any abnormalities, wax build-up, or any other medical conditions that could be causing your hearing loss.


We will test your hearing

This is what you came for – to get your hearing tested. Not all hearing tests are the same and depend on your specific concerns.  Your test may include:

  • A pressure test to check your eardrum and its ability to transmit sound.
  • A tone test to see how softly you can hear tones at various pitches.  These results are charted on an audiogram.
  • A speech test where we repeat words and sentences at different levels.


 We will discuss your results from the hearing test

Expert Hearing Solutions’ professionals will then discuss all of the results with you, what they mean and the next steps. Treatments could include hearing aids or assistive devices, a referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist, or something as simple as ear wax removal. We may recommend a re-evaluation within a few months to a year. Additional appointments may also be required if hearing aids were recommended.


Typically, hearing tests last approximately an hour.  It’s an hour well spent as your hearing health is critical to the quality of life.  Careers, relationships, social gatherings all require the ability to hear your best.  Not only that, your physical and mental well-being heavily depend on good hearing health, so it’s important to make time for a hearing test.

To book yours today, please call one of our locations nearest you or fill out our contact form.

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