Hearing Aid Tips For The Best Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a favourite holiday for many people. You can’t go wrong with spending quality family time, a turkey dinner and some pumpkin pie. But many of our clients who wear hearing aids have concerns about holiday gatherings.


Common concerns raised with our clinicians are…

I’m afraid I’ll say something inappropriate because I couldn’t hear the conversations at the dinner table.

I’m worried I’ll feel left out because I can’t fully participate in the conversations. 

Expert Hearing Hearing Aid Tips Thanksgiving


With the following tips, Thanksgiving dinner with hearing loss will be full of more joy and less fear:


  1. Choose a great spot

For most, it’s helpful to sit with your back against the wall and in the center of the group. You’ll hear more of the conversation as it travels across the table and the wall decreases background noise. Don’t be shy about asking for a particular spot at the table.


  1. Talk to those closest to you

Trying to hold a conversation at long distances is difficult for people with exceptional hearing, never mind when wearing a hearing aid or having some hearing loss. Move closer to those you want to speak with or ask to continue the conversation when you have a chance to be closer to that person.


  1. Manage background noise 

Your host may like to play music louder than what you can tolerate. It’s completely acceptable to ask them to turn it down. This decreases background noise, and you’ll be able to participate in more table talk.


  1. Take a break

When so much information is coming into the ears and brain, it can feel overwhelming, especially when wearing hearing aids or having a hearing loss. Head to a restroom, or bundle up and stand outside for a few minutes to clear your head. Give yourself the needed break to enjoy the rest of the event.


  1. Don’t hide it

It is so tempting to nod along and pretend you heard the whole conversation. But being honest with others will save you a lot of trouble, and perhaps some embarrassing moments of laughing at inappropriate moments. Your interactions with family members will be more memorable on both sides.


  1. Use visual clues

The international sign “I can’t hear you” is to simply cup your ear if you’re having trouble hearing the speaker. This provides them an immediate cue to speak louder without interrupting the conversation.


  1. Set reasonable expectations

You probably won’t hear every word throughout the night. Enjoy the conversations around you and don’t worry about missing out on what is happening across the room. When you can, move around, and choose to sit beside different groups of people throughout the evening.


  1. Have a sense of humor

It can be challenging to keep your sense of humour when you feel like you’re missing out on some of the fun.  You may not hear every word that was said but try to enjoy the wonderful company, children goofing around, taking in all the funny moments.


  1. Wear your hearing aids

This may seem to go without saying; however, some people feel embarrassed to wear their hearing aids around their family. Your comfort is a top priority. Wearing your hearing aids will make a remarkable difference. Ask your clinician at Expert Hearing Solutions to help with different settings for these types of environments, then practice at home.


  1. Try newer technologies

At Expert Hearing Solutions, we offer hearing aids from the leading hearing aid manufacturers such as Oticon, Signia, Phonak, Bernafon, Resound and Starkey  Some hearing aid models are specifically designed to help in group settings where background noise can become an issue. Talk to our clinicians about setting up a free in-home trial with the latest technology. If you choose to keep your trial hearing aids, you benefit from significant savings upon purchasing.


Whether you’ve been wearing hearing aids for several years, have just been fitted with hearing aids or need a consultation before the holidays, contact your local Expert Hearing Solutions clinic today! Our clinicians will work with you to find the perfect technology that fits within your budget.


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