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Discover Oticon Real

Sounds keep us connected to the people and experiences that shape our lives.
They help us be more present.
Experience improved clarity in a world of sounds.

Enjoy a world of sound
Provides access to a complete and balanced sound scene, in a way that feels natural, unlike traditional hearing aids.
Stay in the moment
Manages unpredictable noises and automatically adapts to different sound environments² so you can stay present.
Engage with confidence
Significantly reduces your listening effort (even in noisy situations) during conversations with others.¹

Cutting-edge technology for wind and disruptive noises

Focus on your tasks and conversations better with…

The Wind and Handling Stabilizer feature:

Minimizes distracting handling noises like glasses or hair rubbing the earpiece. Oticon Real has even been proven to increase speech clarity in windy situations.³

State-of-the-art stabilization feature that precisely balances unpredictable, sudden sounds:

Soft and loud sudden sounds¹ are instantly and precisely balance for a more enjoyable listening experience.

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Better Hearing Has Its Benefits!

Researchers have long discovered a strong connection between hearing health and overall wellbeing. It is important, now more than ever during these challenging times, to stay connected to the people who matter the most.

AIR MILES® Reward Miles

Also, you receive AIR MILES® Reward Miles — 25 Miles upon completing your free hearing test* (no referral required) and up to 1000 Miles with your hearing aid purchase.**

What happens after the test if you have hearing loss?

Once you've received your hearing test results, your hearing professional will provide you with a counseling session where you learn more about your results.

If hearing loss is detected, the hearing care professional will provide assistance in choosing the best hearing aid solution for you. Once you've made your selection, you could be wearing your new hearing aids in less than a week (custom hearing aids can take 2-3 weeks).

Expert Hearing Solutions is here
to support your needs

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and our clinics are open and ready to support your hearing healthcare needs.

We are ensuring the highest level of safety in our clinics in order to
provide our customers with the same level of high-quality hearing care.


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*A comprehensive hearing assessment is provided to adults ages 19 and older at no cost. The results of this assessment will be communicated verbally to you. If you request a copy of the Audiological Report, an administrative fee will apply. Child hearing tests are conducted at select locations for a fee, please contact us for more information. This limited-time offer is valid for private sales of select hearing aid models and accessories and is subject to change without notice. For Government funding, the discount is after the grant is applied. Offer available only at participating locations. Limit one offer per customer per year. Offer not valid in Quebec. Offer not applicable for industrial hearing tests. Some conditions apply, see clinic for details. Offer expires 05/31/2023