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What a Difference in Day to Day Living

“I am so grateful that I listened to my family who were constantly urging me to get my hearing checked. I thought I could hear….. but WOW! I didn’t realize what I was missing. What a difference it makes wearing hearing aids and hearing so much better! They have totally changed my life. I am now able to participate in meetings and hear what people have to say without straining. I have more energy. This change has been a huge asset in my day to day living as well as an investment for me personally. The staff and the customer service at Expert Hearing Solutions made the adjustment to using hearing aids quite simple. Joyce Erickson, my specialist was supportive, friendly and professional.”

– Rebecca Johnson, Thunder Bay, ON

Expert Hearing Solutions, Thunder Bay

Hearing Test The Best Ever

“I would highly recommend Expert Hearing Solutions in Kelowna at the Capri Centre Mall and especially Meaghan! Meaghan made my last experience – Hearing Test on July 26th, 2018 the BEST ever. I’ve been wearing hearing aids for many years and she is by far the BEST technician I’ve ever had. She discussed everything with me, talked slowly and directly to me. Meaghan was extremely patient and thorough with me. She went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable with the whole process. I am very, very happy with the service!”

– Matt Zarr, Kelowna, BC

Expert Hearing Solutions, Kelowna

Out of Town Visitors Welcome

“While recently visiting Saskatoon from Ottawa my hearing aids stopped working. I dropped into Expert Hearing Solutions in Lawson Heights Mall. In less than fifteen minutes the friendly staff figured out the problem, replaced the non-functioning batteries, and sent me on my way with extra batteries to see me through the rest of my visit. They also spent some time providing me with some very helpful information. A wonderful kindness to a tourist. Many thanks.”

– Betty, Ottawa ON

Expert Hearing Solutions, Saskatoon

Made the Transition to Hearing Devices Easy

“When I got my first set of hearing aids, it was the knowledgeable and professional service that made the transition to the devices an easy experience. Now my latest ones are even better and the service is still great.”

– L. Kvist

Expert Hearing Solutions, Osoyoos

Thanks for Improving My Quality of Life

“We wish to thank each and every one of you for giving me a better quality of life… Our first impression of Expert Hearing Solutions’ clinic is of warm, caring and understanding staff that always aimed to put our needs first…They truly listened, were caring and friendly, and tried to understand my hearing problems and… made every effort to meet the needs of their clients.

Thank you each and every one of you for making life with a major hearing loss an acceptable part of life, rather than a dreaded deficit.”

– G & S Young

Expert Hearing Solutions, Kelowna

Follow-Up Service was the Best Experience in Whole Process

“Initial examination and assessment: Thoroughly done, good explanation to me, not hurried, options well presented. Hearing Aids: well priced – numerous more expensive aids were available and some cheaper – but I felt that I received the most appropriate aids for me. Follow-up: The best experience in the whole process, for me, was the ability to return and discuss my experience with the hearing aids. I was given both excellent advice and useful adjustments to the hearing aids. This monitoring and help has continued for a year. Other friends and family members are envious of this level of support.”

– D. Renwick

Expert Hearing Solutions, Vancouver E. 49th

Pleased with My Hearing Improvement Immediately

“With the care and help of Jeff and his staff I was pleased with my hearing improvement immediately. I was much more willing to join group conversations, I could watch TV with volume set at a comfortable level for others and I was delighted to be able to hear bird songs. Yes, hearing aids do take some “getting used to” but the key is persistence and the ongoing service provided with your hearing instruments. The guidance and cheerful advice I received from Jeff and staff made the transitions as easy as possible. I want to thank Jeff and Expert Hearing Solutions for helping me to improve my quality of life. I would recommend them, without reservations, to anyone needing help with hearing…”

– M. Meyer

Expert Hearing Solutions, Vernon

Caring Staff & No Waiting!

“From the people who care is exactly what the office of Jason Schmiedge (of Expert Hearing Solutions) represents. In the Yellow Pages, I found the Expert Hearing Solutions office. I was called in immediately to see Jason. Everywhere (else I phoned), I had to wait six months to get an appointment. The appointments (at Expert Hearing Solutions) are always on time — no waiting! I’m very pleased that I found Expert Hearing Solutions.”

– E. Pidskalny

Expert Hearing Solutions, Saskatoon

Thanks for Opening My Life to the World of Sound

“I was very happy with the kind, courteous service I received from both Lois and Dave. Dave was very knowledgeable, and took the time to explain what improvements have been made with the technology. I ordered a pair, under no obligation if I was not totally satisfied.

Because of the patient, kind and courteous service of Lois and Dave at Expert Hearing Solutions I can now actually “HEAR” what is going on around me.

Thank you for opening my life to the world of sound!”

– J. Pounder

Expert Hearing Solutions, Penticton

Providing a New Experience

“I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the time you spent with me in providing an audiological assessment. You [Lily Liu] are thoroughly a dedicated professional. The testing was extensive and it allowed me to understand my hearing impairment. The programming of my devices provided me with a new experience – being able to hear clearly. You are also very nice and very caring. No wonder your competitors speak highly of you. Thank you and looking forward to my followup.”


– Ernie

Expert Hearing Solutions, Richmond

Incredibly Kind and Understanding

“This letter is to commend your employee, Shannon Kusch, here in Delta. After badly needing a hearing aid for approximately six years, I went to Expert Hearing with great trepidation.  A combination of a long family history of bad experiences with hearing aids and their vendors and more recent encounters of friends and acquaintances who were unhappy with their devices was the cause of my trepidation.

I am sure Shannon sensed this. She was incredibly kind and understanding. I was so uptight about getting a hearing aid that could scarcely take in information.  She let me try a hearing aid for a week to see for myself what wearing one would be like.  I was pleased  When I then purchased one, she remained very patient and kind as I was still terribly uptight.  After several tries, the little thing that goes in the ear was not right, one was too big, the other too small, she fitted me with a custom mould that was just right.  And there was no extra charge. I also returned more times as I was still so uptight I wasn’t absorbing instructions on cleaning.  I seem to be a slow learner.  Shannon did not run out of patience!”

– Karen E.

Expert Hearing Solutions, Delta