When Should I Visit a Hearing Clinic?

Hearing loss has many different potential causes and can be a problem with either the way that sound conducts through the ear canal or a problem with the way that sounds is converted into electrical impulses and relayed to the brain. Despite these differences, the main indicators of any type of hearing loss are largely the same.

There are four sure signs that it’s time to have your hearing tested:

  • You need to turn the TV volume up very high. One of the main signs that you should definitely consider visiting a hearing clinic is if you need to turn the TV volume up much higher than you used to in order to hear it clearly. You might not notice that you’re doing it, but your family or anyone who you live with has likely let you know! If you’re always being asked to turn the volume down, then you’re likely having trouble hearing.


  • You have trouble talking on the phone. Another sure sign of hearing loss is if you’re having much more trouble hearing people on the phone than before. With call quality consistently improving, it likely isn’t a problem with the phone if you can’t hear what the other person is saying. An easy way to tell if it’s you or the phone is if you find yourself setting the volume on every receiver you use as high as it will go.


  • You have trouble following conversations in person. While having a conversation in person is easier than understanding someone over the phone, as hearing loss progresses it can make face-to-face conversations challenging to follow as well. You may find it exhausting to talk to many people during the day, especially if you have to talk to more than one person at a time, such as during a meeting at work or around the dinner table at home.


  • You have difficulty blocking out background noise. Part of the reason why people with hearing loss have trouble following conversations is that they have a harder time successfully blocking out background noises. The sound of a bustling restaurant, for example, which most people can tune out, can overwhelm those with hearing loss. Thankfully, hearing aids come with features which can successfully minimize these competing sounds.


Experiencing hearing loss can be scary at first, but there’s no need to worry. Depending on the type of hearing loss you have, there are a variety of solutions available. Hearing aids, for example, can successfully help many people. At Expert Hearing Solutions we provide a variety of hearing care and hearing aid services that can get to the bottom of why you are experiencing hearing loss and what can be done to help. We also provide services such as custom hearing protection, Tinnitus treatment, along with hearing aid fittings.

Contact Expert Hearing Solutions today.  The sooner we diagnose the problem, the sooner we can help get you back to the lifestyle you love.

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