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Some of Our Hearing Products & Services

  • Hearing aids featuring the latest technology
  • Comprehensive hearing evaluations
  • Hearing aid fittings to ensure comfort
  • Custom ear protection for musicians, law enforcement and others
  • Electronic hearing protection popular with hunters and gun enthusiasts
  • Repairs and service of hearing aids
  • Batteries and hearing aid accessories used with phones, TV and music
  • Loaner hearing aids

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Improve your quality of life and hear what you’ve been missing with the help of Expert Hearing Solutions. Proudly serving British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario, we serve you with a dedicated team of audiologists and hearing instrument practitioners. The right hearing device will enrich your life, boost your self-esteem and provide peace of mind knowing you aren’t missing those important life moments.

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Community Initiatives

Hearing loops are an innovative system designed to enhance your hearing in public spaces.


Tinnitus is the perception of ringing, buzzing, roaring or other noises in the ears or head when there is no external source of noise. Know that you are not alone. Research estimates 17% of North Americans (48 million people) suffer from tinnitus. Approximately 5% (14 million people) suffer from prolonged spontaneous tinnitus, which causes them to seek help. One out of every 100 adults reports tinnitus as a debilitating problem.

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Our staff is dedicated to providing customized hearing care based upon your own unique needs. Contact Expert Hearing Solutions for a hearing assessment and consultation.
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